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BreatheMama is a brand ♥

My name is Karolina and I am the originator of the BreatheMama brand. I am also a mother of Felek and Romek. I dreamed of creating a space where women would have time for themselves, take care of their bodies, regenerate their minds, rest and hear what their hearts say, and at the same time be able to come with their children.



As women, and especially moms, we care more about everyone than we do about ourselves, so we need rest and we deserve it. Why? Because your child, loved ones and the world need a happy woman. You will come back with a new perspective and experience unforgettable moments with your child. You will strengthen your body and awaken your real dreams again, and when you return, you will feel full of power and new ideas.


What is RETREAT?

It is a regenerating and relaxing stay, during which you will get away from everyday duties, regenerate your body, clear your mind and  you will think in harmony with yourself in a supportive atmosphere about what decision to make depending on the stage of life you are at. BreatheMama Retreats combine body regeneration (healthy eating, yoga practice) with mind regeneration (relaxation and inspiring workshops) and valuable time for children.



In the most beautiful selected places in Poland and in the world. Close to the nature, but conveniently and in comfortable conditions.


In 2020, we offer a special retreat to mothers who want to come with their children, women who only
wish to become mums and mums who want to gain new qualifications and become Yoga Nidra teachers.
1.02- 8.02 For future mothers/parents, who want to become parents
8.02-15.02 For mums and children
15.02 -22.02 For mums and children
22.02-29.02 Certified course for Yoga Nidra teacher *
You can come with an accompanying person to each of the stays.
* Care for children is provided during the teaching course

Poland Masuria 2020

Summer. Dates coming soon
Start the summer of 2020 being full of power and new ideas.
During the retreat with BreatheMama in Poland, you will be staying in a beautiful place in Masuria, and
we will take care of your child so that you can relax, strengthen your body, practice yoga, meditate and
participate in inspiring workshops. You will come back with a new perspective and experience
unforgettable moments with your child. Reawaken your dreams.
Limited number of spots


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