Thailand 2020


In 2020, we offer a special retreat to mothers who want to come with their children and mums who want to gain new qualifications and become Yoga Nidra teachers. Read More

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Retreat for mums and kids

8.02-15.02 / 15.02-22.02

During a retreat with BreatheMama in Thailand you will stay in the beautiful secluded area of Koh Samui Island and we will take care of your child so that you can relax, strengthen your body, practice yoga, meditate, participate in inspiring workshops.

You will come back with a new perspective and experience unforgettable moments with your child.

Reawaken your dreams. Start a year full of power and new opportunities to spend good time with your child.



The price includes

  • 7 nights/6 days in a beautiful and intimate resort on the Koh Samui island
  • Accommodation in a private bungalow (two-room bungalow)
  • Daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner for you and your child): vegan and vegetarian meals prepared with the highest quality ingredients. For children (option with meat)
  • Daily yoga practice and short lectures on topics (healthy emotional life, stress management techniques, calm mind)
  • Daily Creative program for children for approx. 4-5 hours in the spirit of Montessori/Waldorff,
  • 2 workshops for mothers (life balance, work with beliefs about motherhood)
  • Meditation for mothers seeking professional inspiration
  • Evening relaxation and relaxation techniques for mothers
  • 1 Thai massage treatment included in the package
  • Unlimited access to sauna
  • Unlimited herbal tea, water, coffee
  • Yoga mats, towels, hair dryer, WiFi


Organisational costs and care of organisers

The price does not include

Transport, additional massages, consultations

We will live in a family and intimate resort, which will be entirely at the disposal of the BreatheMama participants.

Nidra Yoga Teacher Training Course    


Are you ready to become a Yoga Nidra teacher?

During this week-long teacher training course, you will learn the Yoga Nidra technique, so that you can start teaching it yourself.

Yoga Nidra is a method that teaches conscious relaxation. It is a tool that initiates a journey into oneself. The result of this practice is a state of relaxation, a sense of integration and inner peace, regardless of the outside reality. Combining theory and practice, this training gives a reliable basis – or broadens the current one – to lead your own Yoga Nidra classes. Tap into your inner silence and facilitate others to do so.

This is a very practical training for mothers who want to learn techniques that help conscious relaxation or for mothers who want to gain new qualifications.

*For mums/parents who want to come with their children, childcare is provided.

No prior experience is required.

Where: Koh Samui, Thailand

If you are interested and want to know more details, please write to us. Limited places available.

We have limited places so now is time to reserve your spot.

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