Yoga Nidra teacher training Urban retreat


We invite you to Yoga Nidra teacher training in Warsaw.


Yoga Nidra teacher training Urban retreat

(Yoga Alliance Certification)

Daring to rest. As modern woman, we’re taught that we can do it all, have it all, and be it all. While this freedom is beautiful is also exhausting.


During Yoga Nidra teacher training course, you will learn the Yoga Nidra technique, so that you can start teaching it yourself and learn how to rest.

Yoga Nidra is a  method that teaches conscious relaxation. The result of this practice is a state of relaxation, a sense of integration and inner peace, regardless of the outside reality. Combining theory and practice, this training gives a reliable basis – or broadens the current one – to lead your own Yoga Nidra classes. Tap into your inner silence and facilitate others to do so.

This is as well a very practical training for mothers who want to learn techniques that help conscious relaxation or for mothers who want to gain new qualifications.


No prior experience is required.


Number of places limited.

To book your spot just leave contact info – we will call you back 🙂



  • If you want to gain new qualifications (international Yoga Alliance certificate)?
  • If you work with people / lead a team and want to enrich your skills with a new tool that will help employees reduce stress?
  • If you are tired and want to learn a practical stress management tool?

No previous experience is required. During the course, we provide loving care for children.


Reasons why:

  • You will learn what Yoga Nidra is – You will learn the benefits of practice
  • You will understand how important relaxation is
  • You will get a practical stress management tool
  • You will learn basic Asanas, breathing techniques, dynamic meditation
  • You will learn how to lead a group and individual clients
  • You will learn how to adapt classes to the individual needs of the client
  • You will receive Yoga Nidra recordings, music and other tools to support your practice
  • You will learn how to moderate with voice, words, time
  • You will receive an international (Yoga Alliance) certificate


We provide:

  • Professional Yoga Nidra teacher treaining ( Yoga Alliance Certification )
  • A comfortable place
  • brunch, coffee, tea, water


Where: Warsaw

When: 17.04-21.04.2024

Limited number of places

Investment 1200 euros


To book your spot just leave contact info – we will call you back 🙂