FAQ Breathe mama

All babies and children are welcome. You can bring your newborn or seven year-old. Please let us know if you would like to come with older child ( how old is child ) to provide program for them. Most mums come with kids aged from about 6 months to 5 years.

Yes Thailand is safe for young visitors. In case of any emergency situation western hospital, doctors and pharmacies are close distance from our Breathe Mama Sanctuary. Thailand has a robust health-care infrastructure. Hospitals and health centers can be found across the country, even in small towns and villages.

Wake up time is individual. You can use kitchen to prepare your morning herbal tea, coffee or lemon water and choose from the options of breakfast for your child. You’ll be made a fresh green juice or power smoothie which you can drink before yoga (or some like to save it for afterwards).
• 09:00 Childminders arrive to Breathe Mama Sanctuary and kids are handed over. The children staying at Breathe Mama Sanctuary are walked over to Breathe Mama with the carers.

• 09:15 – 11:00 Yoga class on the outside shala. The childminders spend most of the morning outside in the play-area at Breathe MAMA Sanctuary. There is a special quiet sleeping area inside for babies in prams and a space more adequate for toddlers. The children do a range of activities. The children have a light, healthy snack of fruit, nuts and crackers at around 10:30.
• 11:00 Brunch for the mums at BreatheMama Sanctuary
• 11:00- 12:00/13:00 free mama time for massages, consultations, relaxing by pool, reading, resting, showering, chatting with others, just ‘being’.
• 12:00 Lunch for the kids
• 12:00 – 13:00 Childminders to mothers hand-over (can be 13: 00 if you have a treatment or towards the end of the week for those children who are adapted). Childcare after 13:00 is an extra cost.
• 12:30 – 18:30 free time for mama and child bonding, beach excursions, poolside relaxing, walking, island trips. We give you a light mid-afternoon super foods snack to take with you.
• 18:15 Dinner (that can be saved for those who are still out venturing the island).
• Bedtime for babies and wind-down time for mums.
• 2 evening’s workshops and cooking class for mums, babysitters included on-site for (sleeping) kids.
We can organize extra babysitters for those who want to go for a drink or late night walk.
We will do our best to adjust the schedule according to the needs and wishes of the group (within reason).

You have all the meals included. Kids have breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus snacks in between, such as fruit etc). Mums have their morning juice (self-serve light breakfast before yoga for those who need to eat), brunch after yoga and dinner. There is fruit, organic spelt bread, spreads and other snacks mums can help themselves to throughout the day, as well as a mid-afternoon super food snack you can take to the beach or on excursions. All meals are vegetarian and you can tell us if you have any allergies or intolerances so that we cater to your needs. We use only the best fresh, local, organic ingredients. We provide finger food and puree for infants. We do recommend bringing an ’emergency packet’ or two of food your baby likes because sometimes children like to eat what they’re used to. We have emergency pasta as a back-up. We don’t buy or serve any processed foods or sugary snacks/breakfast cereals. Retreat participants can use the fridges for any personal items you want to store and there is extra cupboard space in the kitchen.

February Its dry season and it’s the best time to come on the Island. The average temperatures in Koh Phangan is around 28 degrees Celsius.. The rooms in the houses stay nice and cool in the day.

You probably have really cute summer outfits for your kids that don’t get much wear, so do bring a couple of your favorite items. However, remember that the kids are outside most of the time and will get dirty. Don’t bring too much because you may want to save some space for shopped items

Option 1

the easiest (but if you don’t book earlier could a bit expensive) is to fly from Bangkok to Koh Samui and take  The ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan

You will find tickets here: https://www.ferrysamui.com

you only needed to be at the ferry terminal fifteen minutes before departure. The staff will help you to load your bags and it will be a nice adventure before coming to the Island.  You will arrive to the port of Thong Sala and from there you will get transfer to our Breathe Mama Sanctuary.

Option 2

You can also choose a cheaper and longer option to fly from Bangkok to Surathani and from there take a ferry more info you will find on


Option 3: the cheapest and the longest is to take train or bus and ferry more information (hours and availability) you will find on


The port is about a 20 minute drive away. A transfer is provided by breathe Mama.

Although it’s deemed potable by the authorities, the Thais don’t drink the tap water, and neither should you. Stick to bottled or filtered water during your stay.

Alcohol is not included in the retreat price but we sometimes offer local bear. If you did want to go out, Koh Phangan has lots of great places and it is still close enough to get back quickly if your baby has woken up and needs you.

Very safe. Breathe Mama Sanctuary are located in a quiet part of the island. The grounds are walled or fenced in so curious kids can’t escape. You may want to bring along a baby monitor for evenings when you sit out with other mums.

We don’t recommend sharing a room. However, if your children are older or you are used to sharing with this person it may be alright. Sharing a room works best if it’s two adults (good friends, sisters, mum and grandmother) with one child. It can also work with two children who are siblings. However two mums sharing a room with two babies or toddlers on different schedules can be stressful, even if you are really close friends.

There are small supermarkets, a pharmacy and other shops in about 3 minutes away by car. You can also walk and it would take you about 20 minutes. However, most mums find they don’t need to buy anything extra during the retreat.

There will be some toys and books. The child carers also bring some materials for crafts and create a ‘children’s play area’. There are some beach toys and inflatable balls. Of course if your child has a favorite toy or book you can fit into your bag, you’re welcome to bring these along too. Our intention is to have a time where the children can discover new things, especially nature which is so abundant in Koh Phangan. For this reason we prefer not to overstimulate them with too many toys or gadgets.

Airlines generally allow you to bring two items for the baby; this includes travel cot, car seat and pram.  We have high-chairs for everyone to use. If you are unable to bring a travel cot and do not wish to share the bed with your child then we provide for the extra charge.Most of the beds can be pushed against the wall for bed-sharing, if you prefer this option.

Yes, therapies and treatments can be booked on-site. This is the most comfortable for you because you can schedule them while your baby is asleep, with the carers or other mums. We use some wonderful massage therapists whom you can book spontaneously when you get to Koh Phangan. You also have a Thai massage included in the retreat price.

Generally, yes. This is your time for yourself. Serious yoga is a treat for any mum and our aim on the retreat is for you to focus, heal and purify. If the children are old enough we organize some kid’s yoga for them and they generally have this in the evenings while the mums are finishing dinner.

Yes, each house has a fridge for the use of mums where you can store fresh milk or breast milk. Also you can heat water and prepare formula. You can also use kitchen outside.

If you have space in your luggage then it’s up to you. Otherwise bring enough for the first day or two and then you can buy nappies on Koh Phangan or we can also sell you them at cost price.

The childcare-child ratio of 1:2 is very comfortable compared to usual nurseries. However, you have to bear in mind that most children need more attention due to new surroundings and the break from routine. We usually recommend that babies under 9 months to a year and also toddlers with separation issues have someone assigned to them. We have found that toddlers not used to being separated from mum need one-on-one care and will have less meltdowns if this is provided.

Babies all have individual routines and regardless whether your baby is breastfeeding or bottle feeding the carer needs to know exactly what your baby needs and when. This is better if you have your own private nanny. Unless your baby self-settles then a carer would have to rock them/push them in the stroller until they sleep and this can take time and takes the carer away from the group (unfair on the group because there is one less carer to look after the other children). The childcare upgrade is also so you can enjoy the morning, stay in the yoga class, have your brunch and a massage or treatment if you choose to. We do come and get you, if your baby needs you (for breastfeeding, if crying inconsolably etc). It’s all in the same area so you can also come and check your baby regularly.

Childcare is provided from Monday to Friday 09:00 – 12:00-12:15. On days you have treatments and once your child is adapted it can be until 13:00. And we also provide babysitting (the same women who come in the morning) on two evenings during the week when we have the evening meditations. If you would like extra childcare then you can see with us who are available.  Is extra charge for extra babysitting. If you already know ahead of the retreat you will want extra childminding, do let us know. You can book spontaneously when you get to Koh Phangan and see how your child is reacting to the new situation. Every child is different and some need more time to adapt. Do remember the carers live off-site and have schedules too, so the earlier you book the more guaranteed you are to have extra help. The childcare included may be enough for you, which is perfectly fine too.

Thailand uses 220V AC electricity. Power outlets most commonly feature two-prong round or flat sockets.

For visitors from most countries, visas are generally not required for stays of up to 30 days.

Get the latest visa advice for Thailand from Thai embassy in your country.