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Astrea conducts yoga classes and workshops during BreatheMama retreats in Thailand. For many years she has lived on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, where the first ever BreatheMama retreat took place. Astrea is a qualified yoga teacher and therapist with many years of experience who specializes in working with moms and parents. During her classes she will share her knowledge and experience of yoga, emotions, healthy lifestyle, sexual energy and stress management techniques in everyday life. Privately, she is a mother of a 6-year-old boy, and from her own experience she knows how important it is not to get lost in the challenges of everyday life.

Olga Getler

Olga runs yoga classes and workshops for women on BreatheMama retreats in Poland. In an accessible and very practical way she communicates knowledge about yoga, and exercises with her strengthen body and spirit. She is a beautiful and wise woman, a mother of two daughters with a happy wife. Most often you will meet her on the Internet and on the mat, and
several times a year during trainings, workshops and retreats of BreatheMama. Olga has a lot to say to contemporary women, and after the retreat with her you will return full of energy and with a new perspective. Olga describes herself: I show women how to find their original rhythm and how to connect with their intuition and show them the way to self-discovery. I am the author of meditations and visualizations for women and the author of a course dedicated to the development of positive awareness among women "Free Your Energy". My mission is to bring women closer to the knowledge about themselves and to discover their original powers. More about Olga at www.jogini.pl


Ola is one of the BreatheMama babysitters who coordinates the entire babysitting team. She is a girl of many talents – she loves children, nature and horses. Together with her family she runs an agritourism farm Kraśniany. The closest to her heart are babies and she is passionate about baby wraps. She teaches horse riding to older children. Ola is a nanny with
many years of experience who connects her future with the spirit of Montessori. Her dream is to open a forest kindergarten. Ola was with us during the first edition of BreatheMama in Thailand, the children also loved her at the retreat in Poland.

Felek i Romek

Since the beginning of BreatheMama. Professional distractors and mindfullness teachers.